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Marie Beaulieu was invited by the Groupe de recherche en droit des services financiers (Research Group in Rights of Financial Services) (GRDSF) of the University of Laval to give a conference about legal protection of older adults against financial exploitation

Themes: Rights

The event will take place Friday September 28 from 12 h to 13 h 30 at room 2419 of the Charles-de Koninck wing at the University of Laval.

Summary of the conference :

L’ampleur de la maltraitance au Canada : une étude pilote (The Magnitude of Mistreament in Canada: a Pilot Study). In February of 2012, a  pan-Canadian research team published the results of a pilot study on the magnitude of mistreatment towards adults.

Based on the life-course, this study is interested not only about mistreatment experienced as an older adult but also any mistreatment experience as a child or an adult. It gives perspective on both the more objectives dimensions of mistreatment and the voice of older adults to express their point of view about the experience. This conference will address the principal results of this study, by clearly showing the methodological choices. It will particularly focus on material and financial mistreatment.