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Marie Beaulieu is now recognized as a worldwide expert in aging by the International Federation on Ageing (September 15, 2016)

In order to reach this goal, the IFA launched its “virtual expert centre” some time ago. This online centre is in fact a list of members regarded as experts or leaders on the political, research and practice levels in a specific field related to aging. There are currently 90 members on this list, including Suzanne Garon PhD (best known for her research on the implementation and the evaluation of the Age-Friendly Cities (AFCs) in Quebec), Ariela Lowenstein PhD (best known for her research on intergenerational family relations and caregivers) and Laura Mosqueda PhD (best known for her research on mistreatment of older adults, human rights and active aging). The name of Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults, was added to this list in June 2016.

We hope that this recognition provides input for the Chair’s research projects, but also promotes the Quebec expertise in the field of mistreatment of older adults worldwide.