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Marie Beaulieu contributes to works about sexual mistreatment. (December 2018)

Since almost two years, Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder, acts as a national expert as part of the group : Understanding Mechanisms, Nature, Magnitude and Impact of Sexual Violence in Belgium (UN-MENAMAIS)’ work. In that capacity, she participates annually to activities in Belgium.

Last December, she participate to a work week with the group where multiple activities took place. As well as contributing to the meetings of the scientific committee, she gave two conferences . One was about mistreatment according to a rights violation perspective at the Gent University and the other was about mistreatment in a housing environment at the University of Liège. During her stay, she also supervised two graduate students whose work were about mistreatment of older adults.

This rich sharing experience riche will certainly  be fruitful for the Chair’s works.