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Marie Beaulieu collaborates with a French working group on the adoption of nomenclature concerning mistreatment (Decembre 2019)

Since October 2019, Marie Beaulieu has been part of a working group of the Commission maltraitance bientraitance Haut Conseil de la famille, de l’enfance et de l’âge (HCFEA) – Conseil national consultatif des personnes handicapées (CNCPH) in France. This working group, uniquely focused on older adults, meets monthly.

The group is mandated to conduct its work in advance of a consensus conference to be held on June 15, 2020 in Paris – which is the next World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The goal of the working group and the consensus conference is the adoption of a standard nomenclature (terminology) in France for mistreatment.

Marie Beaulieu is recognized internationally as an expert on the mistreatment of older persons and will lead and moderate exchanges between a diversity of participants during the consensus conference in June 2020.