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Looking for LGBTQ+ people to participate in an intergenerational discussion group. (August 2018)

Themes: Students

Camille Allard-Lachapelle is a master’s student in social work under the direction of Marie Beaulieu who is interested in the different realities of LGBTQ+ people as part of her studies. Specifically, she aims to organise an intergenerational discussion group during her master’s internship that she will do in the autumn of 2018.

Three meetings bringing together about eight LGBTQ+ people aged between 18 and 100 years old will take place. They will be invited to talk about their experience, their lives, their journey, their questions and their needs.

Recruitment is under way. If you are LGBTQ+ and aged between 18 and 100 and you wish to participate to the discussion group, we invite you to write to the following address: or phone IRIS Estrie at (819) 823-6704.

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