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Last September 5 Marie Beaulieu offered a Webinar. (September 2018)

Themes: Conference

As part of the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies’ Conférences Mémorables of 2018, Marie Beaulieu offered a Webinar entitled La lutte contre la maltraitance au Québec : Bilan et perspectives contemporaines.

The latter had the goal of:

  1. Presenting an up to date state of knowledge about mistreatment towards older adults;
  2. Painting a brief portrait of the countering actions made in Québec;
  3. Presenting some contemporary practice issues by focusing on people with cognitive impairments.

Following an introduction on the historical evolution of countering mistreatment and a brief portrait of the phenomenon’s amplitude, at home as much as in housing environment globally and provincially, certain contemporary issues of countering mistreatment were presented.

The challenge of ensuring intersectoral work using the diverse experience of multiple involved practitioners to resolve a situation of mistreatment was one of the focal point during this Webinar. For example, “aucune discipline [professionnelle], organisation ou […] secteur n’a les ressources, expertises ou services suffisants pour répondre à un problème aussi complexe que la maltraitance [à lui seul] “. (Beaulieu, 2018)

For more information, it is now possible to consult the Webinar on the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies’ website.