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Launch of the ‘Ateliers 360’ for older adults in partnership with the Jasmin Roy and Sophie Desmarais Foundation (Decembre 2019)

Last November 28, the launch of the Ateliers 360 for older adults took place during a press conference organized by the Jasmin Roy and Sophie Desmarais Foundation.

Through the use of virtual reality, the Ateliers 360 for older adults seek to raise awareness amongst older adults of mistreatment, intimidation, and ageism.  These workshops aim to develop healthy habits in interpersonal and emotional lives of older adults.

The group workshops, lasting from 60 to 75 minutes, are led by two professionals who have mastery of both the theoretical content of each workshop and the use of virtual reality glasses. They facilitate the viewing of the three virtual reality scenarios and guide the exchanges on each theme following its viewing.