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It’s the start of the school year! Here are the activities planned on our calendar for the autumn of 2014. Others will be added, stay tuned!

Themes: Conference

As usual, the Chair will be very active during the next months. Here is a glimpse of the upcoming activities:


September 4 and 5: Communication in Brest during the symposium Hommage à Simone Pennec, to highlight the retirement of this lecturer who contributed a lot to the development of knowledge in the fields of aging, family, work in health and women.

September 9: Launch of the book  Préposés aux bénéficiaires et aides — soignantes : Entre domination et autonomie, to which the Chair collaborated.

September 18: Preparatory meeting of the Minister responsible of older adults’ non governmental partners for the Québec forum on bullying on October 2.

September 24: Representation of the Research Centre on Aging (CDRV) at the Table de concertation sur les mauvais traitements envers les aînés of Estrie.


October 15 to 17 : Many oral and poster communications during the annual symposium of the Canadian Association on Gerontology which this year will take place in Niagara Falls.

October 20 and 21: Welcoming of a work mission in collaboration with our partners from the organisation Respect Senior of Wallonia (Belgium).

October 23 and 24: Communication, in Laval, during the annual congress of the Regroupement provincial des comités usagers.

October 30: Communication, in Joliette, to the partners of the coordonnatrice régionale – maltraitance envers les aînés de Lanaudière.


November 5 to 7: Communication, in Washington, at the annual Congress of the Gerontological Society of America.

November 19: Representation of the CDRVat the Table de concertation sur les mauvais traitements envers les aînés de l’Estrie.

November 26 and 27: Two communications, in Toronto, as part of the symposium Long term care : a safe and secure environment.


December 9: Communication to the judges of the Montréal’s municipal court on mistreatment towards older adults.

New activities*

The reform of the University of Sherbrooke’s masters in social work leaded to the creation of a masters seminar of 3 credits on countering mistreatment towards older adults. The Chairholder is happy to develop this new class. We wish her good success!