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It’s the start of the school year! Here are the activities planned on our calendar for the autumn of 2014. Others will be added, stay tuned!

Themes: Conference

As usual, the Chair will be very active during the next months. Here is a glimpse of the upcoming activities:


September 4 and 5: Communication in Brest during the symposium Hommage à Simone Pennec (Tribute to Simone Pennec), to highlight the retirement of this lecturer who contributed a lot to the development of knowledge in the fields of aging, family, work in health and women.

September 9: Launch of the book  Préposés aux bénéficiaires et aides-soignantes : Entre domination et autonomie (Beneficiary Attendants and Care Aids: Between Domination and Autonomy) , to which the Chair collaborated.

September 18: Preparatory meeting of the Minister responsible of older adults’ non governmental partners for the Québec forum on bullying on October 2.

September 24: Representation of the Research Centre on Aging (CDRV) at the Table de concertation sur les mauvais traitements envers les aînés of Estrie (Concertation Table on Maltreatment of Older Adults of Estrie).


October 15 to 17 : Many oral and poster communications during the annual symposium of the Canadian Association on Gerontology which this year will take place in Niagara Falls.

October 20 and 21: Welcoming of a work mission in collaboration with our partners from the organisation Respect Senior of Wallonia (Belgium).

October 23 and 24: Communication, in Laval, during the annual congress of the Regroupement provincial des comités usagers (Provincial Grouping of Users’ Committees).

October 30: Communication, in Joliette, to the partners of the regional coordinator – mistreatment of older adults of Lanaudière.


November 5 to 7: Communication, in Washington, at the annual Congress of the Gerontological Society of America.

November 19: Representation of the CDRV at the Table de concertation sur les mauvais traitements envers les aînés de l’Estrie (Concertation Table on Maltreatment of Older Adults of Estrie).

November 26 and 27: Two communications, in Toronto, as part of the symposium Long term care : a safe and secure environment.


December 9: Communication to the judges of the Montréal’s municipal court on mistreatment towards older adults.

New activities*

The reform of the University of Sherbrooke’s masters in social work leaded to the creation of a masters seminar of 3 credits on countering mistreatment towards older adults. The Chairholder is happy to develop this new class. We wish her good success!