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From June 20 to 27, the Chair is going to Wallonia (Belgium) to wrap up a two-year exchange program with the Respect Seniors team

In the framework of this project, the Chair has also welcomed the Respect Seniors team for a working session during the week of May 18 to 22. In order to learn more about the work performed during that week, please see the summary that was published on the Chair’s website under the tab Chair’s Activities– Seminars/Conferences.

During the week of June 20 to 27, the Chair will in turn go to Belgium in order to finalize the last steps in the adaptation of the factual Quiz on mistreatment to the Walloon context. See the project description for more details.

In order to continue the fruitful exchanges between the Chair and Respect Seniors, a third grant application was submitted to the VIIIth Permanent Joint Board Quebec-Wallonia-Brusselsin spring 2015. We are still awaiting the results of the grants competition.