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Data collection is well underway for the project on Enhancing Awareness Practices of Community-Based Organizations Promoting the Transition from Awareness to Seeking Help (October 5, 2016)

In order to do so, the research team has planned a six-step theoretical and practical data collection:

  1. “Synthesis of knowledge by two international systematic reviews over 10 years […];
  2. Critical inventory of the material and awareness approaches used by DIRA-Estrie and within agencies in the Estrie region that undertake awareness activities;
  3. Questionnaires distributed to older adults (250 French questionnaires and 50 English questionnaires);
  4. Group interviews of older adults (12 to 15) according to various life environments where people can be bullied or mistreated: the traditional home, social housing for older adults, cooperatives and private residences for older adults;
  5. Individual interview with managers from various backgrounds (n=10 to 15 persons).
  6. Focus groups or individual interviews with managers, practitioners and volunteers from DIRA-Estrie, as well as with agencies of the Estrie region that undertake awareness activities (n=20).” (Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults, 2016)

The first step of this data collection, which is the synthesis of knowledge by two reviews, is almost completed. The first round of interviews with older adults has been in progress since August 2016. The critical inventory of the material and awareness approaches used by various community-based organizations from the Estrie region has been underway since September 2016. At the end of August 2016, documents were sent to the Research Ethics Board of the Université de Sherbrooke in order to carry out interviews with key actors for the upcoming months.

For more information, see the description of the research project.