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Contribution of a chapter to the publication “Protéger les majeurs vulnérables: place à l’éthique” (Protecting Vulnerable Adults: A Place for Ethics), EHESP School of Public Health (October 2019)

Themes: Book Chapter

In the chapter entitled Une réflexion du Québec sur l’accompagnement, l’éthique et la déontologie (A Québec Reflection on Support, Ethics, and Deontology), Dr. Marie Beaulieu presents and discusses the numerous practices and work undertaken in Quebec concerning these issues.

Based on the legal, medical, and psychosocial foundations of Quebec’s legislation on the protection of disabled older adults, this chapter is a reflection on support and respect for their capacity for self-determination. To this end, a series of questions delineate the professional actions taken or knowingly chosen: How to enhance the full potential of the protected person? How to facilitate his or her choices without influencing them?

By empowering the role of ethics, defined as a continual, thoughtful stance guiding the actions of professionals, and deontology, that seeks to frame professional codes of conduct, Dr. Beaulieu underlines the importance of training on this subject for future social workers who may be called to intervene with these older adults.

In this way, these professionals would be better equipped to draw the fine line between implementing protection measures and promoting the capacities and wishes of older persons with disabilities.