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Available soon: two new knowledge transfer activities provided by the Chair. (September 9, 2015)

Themes: Training

The first Knowledge transfer activitie stems from the Arrimage project and focuses on the Practical Guide for Intersectoral Duo Police Officer/Practitioner from Public or Community Network of the Health and Social Services Sector. The activitie participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the progress of the Arrimage project and to familiarize themselves with the content and how to use the Guide. The purpose of this activitie will be to enable participants to develop the knowledge and skills required for implementing in their environment a police officer-practitioner team.

The second Knowledge transfer activitie focuses on the intervention in the context of self-neglect. It builds on the internship that Jessica Calvé, master’s student in Social Work, did with the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS in supporting the home maintenance of disabled persons in the fall of 2014. The purpose of this internship was to develop a Guideline on intervention in the context of self-neglect (in french only) for psychosocial practitioners. Activitie participants will be able to get familiar with the issue of self-neglect (definition, risk factors and vulnerabilities), intervention in the context of self-neglect (supported by practical examples), as well as with the use of the Guide. The purpose of this activitie will help participants to have a better understanding of what the issue of self-neglect is and avenues for further reflection in order to provide them with tools to intervene more effectively with self-neglecting persons.

In order to have more information on these activities, stay tuned about publications under the Chair’s activities–Knowledge transfer activitie tab or contact Roxane Leboeuf, the Chair’s coordinator, by e-mail or by phone 819-780-2220 extension 45698.