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A training workshop on the practice guidelines ‘En Mains’ (In Hand) was offered to numerous organizations in the Montérégie region (March 2019)

Themes: Training

The In Hand project was designed to enrich the ethical thinking of professionals who intervene in situations of mistreatment. In Hand proposes three scenarios of abuse: (1) suspension of follow-up, (2) support measures and (3) formal protective interventions. For each of these scenarios, the guide focuses on the values at play, highlights the practices used and identifies the psycho-social and ethical issues raised in situations of mistreatment.

Depending on the length of the workshop (half or full day), the workshop’s objectives were:

  • To introduce up-to-date findings on older adults mistreatment;
  • To determine the ethical and psycho-social issues raised by interventions in situations of mistreatment;
  • Initiate the participants in an intervention approach that is reflexive and ethical;
  • To enable participants to use the practices guide In Hand;
  • To support the interveners so that they feel equipped to intervene in cases of older adults’ mistreatment.

To learn more about In Hand, and its knowledge transfer activities, please consult the Teaching Tools and Practice Guidelines section of our website.