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A Toolkit to Counter Social Isolation of Older Adults and Promote Social Innovation is now available. (December 2018)

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This toolkit, available in French and English, is made up of two volumes. The purpose of the first volume is to raise awareness about social isolation among seniors and find solutions. The second volume presents tools to support activities that facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote seniors’ participation and inclusion in society throughout Canada.

To this, three supplementary publications are meant to address the needs of certain populations particularly at risk of social isolation:

  • Newly immigrated or refugee older adults;
  • First Nations’ seniors;
  • Seniors of the LGBTQ community.

To develop these supplementary documents, three researchers were recruited. One was Marie Beaulieu, the Chairholder. She was mandated to develop the content concerning the LGBTQ community and to validate her findings with experts from the community.

The two volumes and three supplements are available for downloading free-of-charge on the Government of Canada website.

Download the documents in French

Download the documents in English