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A student’s master’s thesis on wellness care is now available (March 2019)

Her thesis aims to paint a portrait of actions that are part of the wellness care approach towards seniors and identify the guidelines that will help promote this approach amongst professionals and in particular, social workers. Her thesis specifically intends to:

  1. Present the diverse definitions of ‘wellness care’;
  2. Describe the evolution of the wellness care approach;
  3. Reflect upon the critical factors concerning this approach;
  4. Identify the principal themes of this approach found in scientific literature;
  5. Present both international and Quebec projects that promote wellness care towards seniors;
  6. Understand in which ways developers of cooperative (shared) seniors’ housing promote wellness care;
  7. Point out the pertinence and interest of this approach for social workers.

This is a reference document for all who are interested in the wellness care approach for older adults (In French only).

Happy reading!