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A student of the Chair presents the final version of her master’s degree in social work at the University of Sherbrooke. (September 17, 2017)

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Given the differences in definitions and interpretations of mistreatment between Canada and Latin American countries, the purpose of Adriana’s essay is to propose a reflection on the gerontological social work on raising awareness among Spanish-speaking older adults to counter mistreatment. 

Three main objectives are defined: to describe the development and implementation of an anti-mistreatment awareness program, to present the challenges encountered and the facilitating elements, and to propose an enhanced awareness program for Spanish-speaking older adults. This essay was developed as a continuation of Adriana’s stage project, where she developed and facilitated five workshops to inform, raise awareness and prevent mistreatment of older adults, as well as to gather information from Spanish-speaking communities. In addition to the knowledge gained from the analysis of this practical experience, the results of this essay are based on an analysis of a literature review. 

The results of the master’s thesis make it possible to identify, among other things, that people from the Spanish-speaking community require more information and knowledge about acts that are recognised as being forms of mistreatment in Quebec. In addition, this essay highlights the importance of working together to prevent and counteract mistreatment within this community and other cultural communities. We invite you to check out Adriana’s essay to learn more (In French only)

The Chair congratulates Adriana for her important academic contribution and wishes her success in her future professional projects.