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A student of the Chair presents her Master’s thesis on domestic violence among immigrant women. (May, 2018)

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“This essay proposes a critical and analytical reflection on models and/or theoretical approaches, as well as intervention practices developed in the field of domestic violence in ethnocultural communities. The objectives pursued are multiple and are set around various points:

  • Provide descriptive elements on the diversity of immigrant populations which requires policies, programs and practices adapted to their socio-cultural realities.
  • Identify the representations of immigrants on the issue of domestic violence and other related issues.
  • On the basis of the above objective, formulate new strategies of notions and actions for better participatory and inclusive management of this social issue.

Based on a literary review as well as empirical evidence from my field experience, I approach this social problem among immigrants from different perspectives and angles. The first part presents historical and salient facts that have contributed to the recognition of domestic violence as a social problem, affecting all socio-cultural groups. Subsequently, some descriptive elements on the theme of immigration to Canada are presented, emphasizing the diversity of immigrant populations, which must involve policies, programs and practices that consider sociocultural needs, expectations and realities of these populations. In fact, domestic violence as a social problem could take into account these considerations because of its multidimensional nature. Therefore, part of this essay reports on the experience of ethnocultural communities with respect to domestic violence in relation to the professional and organizational practices that result from it. Indeed, some promoted intervention methods and techniques in contexts of conjugal violence among immigrant women are somewhat called into questions. To conclude, there are some ideas for exploring the possibilities of encouraging new practices that can best meet the needs of immigrant clients. “

Please consult Fanta’s essay to learn more (in French only).

Having enrolled in the doctorate in Gerontology, Fanta intends to deepen her reflection on the subject through her thesis. She will focus more specifically on spousal violence among older immigrant women.