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A student from the Chair was awarded the prize for best oral presentation at the 5th edition of the CÉRTA’s Student Scientific Meeting

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Two members of the Chair presented their work: Luisa Fernanda Diaz (a student at the Chair and research assistant), in collaboration with Marie Beaulieu, and Ana Flavia Batista, research assistant for the Chair. Luisa’s presentation was entitled Pratiques de collaboration intersectorielle et interprofessionnelle dans le domaine de la lutte contre la maltraitance envers les aînés (Practices of intersystem and interprofessional collaboration in the field of the mistreatment of older adults) was in line with her thesis results that she is preparing for the School of Social Work of the University of Sherbrooke, under the direction of Marie Beaulieu. Following the decision of the panel of examiners, Luisa has was awarded the prize for best oral presentation, tied for first place with Alain-Guillaume Marcotte-Fournier, a master’s student in education whose presentation focused on school segregation and the curriculum differentiation in Quebec.

Ana Flavia’s presentation was on the progress of her doctoral work in education under the direction of Suzanne Garon, professor at the School of Social Work of the University of Sherbrooke. The title of her presentation: Représentations sociales de l’apprentissage chez les aînés selon une perspective intergénérationnelle : résultats initiaux de la recherche (Social representations of learning among seniors based on intergenerational perspective: initial research results).

This was for Luisa and Ana Flavia a very rewarding experience and we congratulate them for their excellent work!

*The CÉRTA is a study and research centre on transitions and learning recognized by the University of Sherbrooke which includes, since 2003, researchers from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences (CÉRTA, 2010).