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A new tool to detect mistreatment is developed and distributed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. (March 2019)

Themes: Detection Tool

Specifically, this publication, entitled Outil de repérage des situations de maltraitance envers les personnes aînées (In French Only), seeks to: ‘Better detect potential situations of mistreatment, know what to do and how to interact with an older adult you have witnessed being mistreated, be aware of the different resources available to a mistreated older adult and inform them.’

To do this, the brochure presents the terminology concerning older adults’ mistreatment that is used in Quebec (definitions, forms and types), possible consequences, and signs to look out for (depending on the type of abuse), and risk factors and vulnerabilities that may lead to mistreatment. Finally, the brochure includes advice on how to react when faced with such a situation and available resources.