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A chapter in an international handbook published by Springer presents the IPAM model (September).

Themes: Book Chapter

This chapter, appearing in the recently published ‘International Handbook of Elder Abuse and Mistreatment’, highlights the development and deployment of the practice model Integrated Police Response for Abused Seniors (IPRAS), as a good police practice model in the action to counter mistreatment.

Created through a research-action project in partnership with the City of Montreal’s Police Services (SPVM), the model was developed in five stages.

The chapter presents these five stages of the model and demonstrates their reproducibility for those international police services interested in implanting a sustainable, permanent practice to counter mistreatment.

They are:

  1. Evaluation of the milieu’s needs and inventory of its existing practices to counter mistreatment;
  2. Practice scheme’s development;
  3. Operationalization of the practice scheme;
  4. Implementation of the practice model as a pilot project;
  5. Evaluation and resulting adjustments necessary for its sustainability.

The chapter underlines the richness of an iterative approach that joins front-line responders to situations of mistreatment with academic researchers. The details of the five stages undertaken with this approach facilitate the reader’s comprehension of the model.

The chapter is available for purchase at the Springer Publishing website. 

You may also consult the Model Development Synthesis, Research Reports, and the Practice Guidelines for Implementing the Model at the Research Chair’s website.