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Themes: Students and wellness care

Under the supervision of Marie Beaulieu, Sarah Pomar-Chiquette recently submitted her master’s thesis in social services to the University of Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It is entitled ‘Bientraitance des aînés: nouveau paradigme à conjuguer à la lutte contre la maltraitance’ (Wellness Care of Seniors:  A New Paradigm to Be Combined with the Fight Against Mistreatment).

The book entitled Bientraitance et qualité de vie - Tome 2 : Outils et retours d’expériences is a collective work coordinated by Michel Schmitt and published in March 2015 by Les Éditions Elsevier Masson. This book follows in the footsteps of the previous volume: Bientraitance et qualité de vie - Tome 1 : Prévenir les maltraitances pour des soins et une relation d'aide humanistes (Well-treatment and quality of life - Volume 1: Preventing mistreatment for humanistic health care and caregiving relationships).