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At this international conference, held in Metz, France, and whose central theme is An Inclusive Society and Aging, members of the Research Chair team will spotlight the progress of multiple research projects: some student-led, others supported by funding agencies or linked to scientific commitments.

Throughout Autumn 2019, the Research Chair will conduct the transfer of knowledge gained through this research project. The project was conducted in partnership with Chartwell Retirement Residences and was funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

On May 7, as part of an official French mission to Quebec, Alice Casagrande presented a conference entitled Des militants face au silence. Naissance d’une politique publique de lutte contre la maltraitance des adultes vulnérables en France. Ms. Casagrande is director of training, innovation and community living at FEHAP, Vice-President of the Commission to Promote Wellness Care and Fight Against Mistreatment of Vulnerable Persons and Co-president of the Atelier « Métiers » de la concertation nationale Grand Âge et Autonomie.

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