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Themes: Bullying and tool

On March 26, the INSPQ (Quebec Public Health Expertise and Reference Center) published a series of documents online under the heading ‘Intimidation’. These documents provide pertinent information to communication professionals (media, spokespersons, press secretaries, etc.) who may be called upon to cover news concerning this subject.

Themes: Bullying

The Chair began its work on the conceptual clarification of older adult bullying and mistreatment in summer 2014, at the time when the Chair participated in the Anti-Bullying Forum held by the Government of Québec. Since then, its work has undergone several knowledge transfers. First, a public submission was posted on the website of the Ministry of Family in 2014, and an article was published in the Service social journal of the Université Laval in 2016. The Chair also received more than a dozen invitations to make presentations on this topic throughout Québec.

The Chair’s work on older adult bullying was initiated in 2014 following an invitation from the Government of Quebec to participate in the Anti-Bullying Forum which took place on October 2 of the same year. In November 2015, the same government delineated the actions of various players in countering bullying (all populations combined) by implementing the Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Bullying 2015-2018. Out of the 53 measures, 11 specifically targeted older adults. The Chair was appointed as the main partner for achieving two of them.