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This section suggests a selection of international publications on mistreatment of older adults that have been published since 2007. A scientific literature review is carried out every six months in order to regularly enhance this reference list.

Please note that in order to view most of these articles, you must access the magazine's website and pay a fee. Where possible, there's a link to the PDF of the article (through the Download button) which allows you to view it at no cost. If you are part of an educational institution or that your organization offers a library service (e.g. some CISSSs), they may have already subscribed to these journals and they allow free access from a computer workstation in the facility.

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Keskinoglu, P. & Ucku, R. (2007). Elder abuse and neglect in two different socioeconomic districts in Izmir, Turkey. International Psychogeriatrics, 19(4), 719-731.

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