On April 10, 2019, Catherine Pellerin welcomed four guests, including Marie Beaulieu, to her program Médium large, broadcast by Radio-Canada Première. The topic was the financial mistreatment of seniors.

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Marie Beaulieu was one of several researchers from the Research Center on Ageing (CDRV) invited to take part in a series of interviews on ageing with Henri Laban, host of Radio Ville Marie’s program Mieux vieillir. In total, 15 interviews took place with different CDRV researchers in order to learn more about their respective projects.

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On February 20, the Research Chair held a training day for a group of Montérégie organizations on its practices guide entitled In Hand. Organized by the SAVA project (support for victims of elder abuse) and GRAVES (Seniors group of Vaudreuil and Soulanges), the workshop welcomed over 100 participants.

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Under the supervision of Marie Beaulieu, Sarah Pomar-Chiquette recently submitted her master’s thesis in social services to the University of Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It is entitled ‘Bientraitance des aînés: nouveau paradigme à conjuguer à la lutte contre la maltraitance’ (Wellness Care of Seniors:  A New Paradigm to Be Combined with the Fight Against Mistreatment).

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The mistreatment of seniors is a complex problem. In support of all those working with seniors (intervenors, volunteers, home-care workers, police, healthcare workers, community and residence partners), the Minister of Health and Social Services has published a brochure to help detect situations of mistreatment.

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On March 26, the INSPQ (Quebec Public Health Expertise and Reference Center) published a series of documents online under the heading ‘Intimidation’. These documents provide pertinent information to communication professionals (media, spokespersons, press secretaries, etc.) who may be called upon to cover news concerning this subject.

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The Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults and the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS (Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for Sherbrooke) obtained a grant from the Quebec Office for Handicapped Persons for a two-year study of psychological and financial mistreatment of handicapped seniors.

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The Quiz on mistreatment of older adults is an awareness tool that can be used by seniors and their families as well as new or established professionals. The Quiz led to the 2012 publication of a book entitled: La maltraitance envers les aînés. Changer le regard. Each chapter of the book deals with a question from the Quiz.

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In situation of emergency

If you witness or are victim of a mistreatment situation and wish to obtain information or help, please contact the Elder Abuse Help Line (for Quebec residents).

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