The Nicolas-and-Suzanne-Zay Funds present each year two scholarships of $2500 to master and postdoctoral social work students of Laval University.This scholarship aims at promoting research and intervention in social gerontology.

To obtain this scholarship, students must meet several evaluation criteria:

The Chair’s team would like to congratulate Isabelle Maillé who received one of the two scholarships for her thesis project. Her project’s title is: Accompanying Older Adults in a Situation of Mistreatment by Volunteers and Stakeholders from Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) dedicated to countering mistreatment of older adults. Isabelle is preparing her master’s thesis under the joint leadership of co-directors Sophie Éthier (PhD), Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work at Laval University and Marie Beaulieu (PhD), Full Professor in the Department of Social Work at the University of Sherbrooke and Chairholder of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults. Isabelle’s thesis is in line with the ABAM-MF project (Volunteering to Counter Material or Financial Mistreatment of Older Adults) led by the Chair.

To learn about Isabelle’s research project, see her thesis description.