The research project L'intervention policière en matière de lutte contre la maltraitance : développement et implantation d'un modèle de pratique (Police intervention in the fight against mistreatment: development and implementation of a practice model) has now begun! This project in collaboration with the city of Montreal Police Department aims at developing a model of police practice to counter mistreatment against older adults.

Objectives/key activities

• Provide an update of police practices on mistreatment against older adults and to document the knowledge;

• Identify, with surveys, case studies and individual interviews, the needs of police officers regarding the fight of mistreatment against older adults;

• Implement and adapt tools for case research (screening);

• Develop an implementation protocol in order to introduce the practice model to police officers and to disseminate screening tools to counter mistreatment against older adults;

• Identify and support winning accompaniment practices and intersectoral collaboration;

• Assess the developed tools and modify them according to the custom in practice, if needed;

• Facilitate the knowledge transfer, disseminate results, documents and tools)