The article is entitled Quand l'âgisme mène à considérer toutes les personnes aînées comme étant vulnérables et sujettes à la maltraitance (When ageism leads us to consider all the seniors as vulnerable and subject to mistreatment) and is published by Marie Beaulieu and Marie Crevier, doctoral student at the Chair.

The article "includes five parts. After the introduction, it begins with a brief outline of the issue of mistreatment against older adults. Then, the concept of vulnerability is set and identified, by introducing an important distinction that is the difference between vulnerability viewed as a determined state and the process of vulnerability that may vary and fluctuate throughout the course of life. Finally, the fourth part, that is the heart of the text, addresses the issues associated between ageism, vulnerability and mistreatment. The conclusion sets the stage for change" (Beaulieu and Crevier, 2013, p.6).