Throughout Autumn 2019, the Research Chair will conduct the transfer of knowledge gained through this research project. The project was conducted in partnership with Chartwell Retirement Residences and was funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

The goal of the project was to document resident-to-resident mistreatment amongst those living in private residences for older adults and the meaning of ‘living well together’. The project took into account the viewpoints of three distinct groups: residents, employees, and management (general managers and corporate directors) to pinpoint their needs in countering resident-to-resident mistreatment and promote ‘living well together’.

Following the completion of the research report, several knowledge transfer activities for the participants of the three focus groups will be held in the different Chartwell residences that opened their doors to this research project.

Knowledge transfer to the scientific community will also be carried out in Fall 2019 at the Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting of the Canadian Association of Gerontology.