Description of the Chair

The research Chair on mistreatment of older adults was created on November 1st 2010. It is funded for five years by the Seniors' Secretariat, now the Ministry of Health and Social services (MHSS). It is one of the four structured initiatives of the Governmental Action Plan to counter Elder Abuse 2010-2015. The other structured initiatives are an extensive public awareness program, the creation of a telephone line with punctual professional response (for older adults, their families, any concerned person as well as for practitioners who want help and support in the performance of their duties) and the deployment of 20 regional coordinators to ensure the implementation of the Plan throughout Quebec.

The Chair aims to increase knowledge on the prevention, the detection and the interventions that can counter mistreatment of older adults. More specifically, the Chair aims to :

  • develop on one hand, theoretical, empirical and practical (praxeological) knowledge on vulnerability and risk factor associated with mistreatment, and on the other hand, knowledge on the impact of mistreatment;
  • train highly qualified personnel likely to better counter mistreatment of older adults and to better understand the related issues;
  • formulate an evaluative research program of the most diversified, complementary and effective actions (prevention, detection and intervention) to prevent and counter mistreatment;
  • disseminate the results to the scientific community and to practice settings (particularly by the training of practitioners);
  • use the Chair as a financial lever to obtain additional funding to explore more thoroughly each of the above mentioned orientations.