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Jessica Calvé (2016)


Master's degree in Social Work with focus on Gerontology (2016), University of Sherbrooke.

Bachelor's degree in Psychology (2012), University of Montreal.

Minor in Psycho-Education (2009), University of Montreal.



Jessica is currently a Research Agent.


Enhancing the Psychosocial Practice in a Context of Mistreatment of Older Adults by Creating and Using Practice Guides.


Fellowship of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults, support in the drafting of the thesis (2015): $2500.


  • Successfully completed the preparatory courses (September 2012-April 2013).
  • Courses in the framework of her master’s in Social Work with focus on Gerontology (September 2013-April 2014).
  • Master’s practicum on the intervention in a context of self-neglect within the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS.(September to December 2014).
  • Drafting of the essay (January 2015-June 2016).
  • Final submission to the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences in June 2016, and then successful completion of her studies.


Objective 1: Developing theoretical, empirical and practice-based knowledge on: forms and types of mistreatment, factors of vulnerability and risk associated with mistreatment, consequences of mistreatment, profile of the person who mistreats, good treatment and bullying (including online bullying).


The creation and use of practice guides has been initiated in the health sector (evidence-based medicine) and is becoming increasingly important in the social services sector (evidence-based practice). However, no consensus has been reached as to the process of creating and using practice guides in this sector, or the relevance of focusing on this phenomenon. In addition, there is a strong need to get decision support tools intended to practitioners active in countering mistreatment of older adults. The analysis regarding the creation and the use of practice guides for this context of intervention would be all the more relevant.


Reflect on the creation and the use of practice guides adapted to social services based on experiences gleaned from countering mistreatment of older aduts.


  • Identify the stages of the creative process of a practice guide;
  • Identify the stages of the use process of a practice guide;
  • Explore issues related to the creation and use of practice guides and solutions to these issues.


  • Non-exhaustive literature review : synonyms of practice guides, creation or use, mistreatment, older adults and social services in search engines such as Ageline, Abstracts in social gerontology and Social work abstracts for scientific results and Google for results regarding grey literature;
  • Analysis of grey and scientific literature;
  • Comparing literature content to two experiences of creation and use of practice guides in countering mistreatment by oneself and others;
  • Proposal of a process regarding the creation and the use of practice guides.


The literature review was performed in winter 2015 and the data collection was analyzed in winter 2015 and fall 2015. The drafting plan was set, then the literature review was updated in winter 2016. The drafting process was carried out until the first submission in April 2016, then the essay was finally submitted in June 2016.

Drafting of scientific articles from her essay is scheduled for 2016/2017.





Calvé, J. (2016). Bonifier la pratique psychosociale en contexte de maltraitance des personnes aînées par la création et l’utilisation de guides de pratique. (Essai de maîtrise). Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines, École de travail social, Université de Sherbrooke, 198p.

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